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GLF: Being a language writer, do you think you are not getting due recognition at the national level?
A. I write in English so we do get exposure

GLF: Can literature influence social life? Do you think a writer should be socially responsible?
A. Yes, words have power so one should use them cautiously

GLF: Can literary festivals make progressive changes to the language literature?
A. They can because they bring languages to the mainstream and people begin to get intersted

GLF: There are numerous glitzy events packed by glitterati being celebrated in the country under the guise of literary festivals in up-market show places. What do you think about `Gateway Litfest’ and how is it different from such up-market events?
A. A literay festival should showcase quality if it’s to grow and gain respectablilty. Th Gateway Litfest showcases diversity and quality. However, the presentation should involve the audience…sessions need to be interesting.

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