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2019: Top 12 Books to look for

By January 10, 2019No Comments

Source : The New Indian Express

There are going to be loads of options coming your way in 2019, be it in terms of subjects or authors.

If you have made a resolution to read more books this year than the previous ones, you are in luck as there are going to be loads of options coming your way in 2019, be it in terms of subjects or authors.

While the choice of subjects vary from spirituality to love stories to science fictions to books on psychology, economics, computers and more; the list of authors is impressive too – Amitav Ghosh, Aravind Adiga, Ruchir Sharma, Amnesh Shaikh Farooqui, Kavita Krishnan, Anita Anand, Upinder Singh, AG Noorani, Amrita Tripathi, Tishani Doshi, Nabaneeta Dev Sen, Dr Prannoy Roy, Pankaj Mishra, Mihir Bose… everyone, it seems, is coming out with a book. All you need to do is sit back and read on.


Hailed as one of the greatest Tamil novels written in the late 20th century, Heat tells the story of a Tamil teenager on the run for committing a murder. Juggernaut is bringing the English translation of Heat this year. The novel is slated to be turned into a major Tamil film starring Dhanush later this year.

Half Torn Hearts by Novoneel Chakraborty is a coming-of-age tale of three-layered individuals coming in terms with their first loss, which bares the devil that we all possess but are scared of encountering and which eventually becomes the cause of our own ruins. Published by Penguin Random House.



Something I Never Told You by Shravya Bhinder is a love story that also cautions you not to take your loved one for granted. Published by Penguin Random House. Anand Sivakumaran’s Natasha Mehra Must Die is a slick, taut, exciting read that will keep you awake till you have turned the last page. Published by FingerprintThe Antagonists by Tina Biswas, a London-based author, reveals the dark, absurd heart of modern politics.

Published by Fingerprint. The Belated Bachelor’s Party by Ravinder Singh talks about friendship and love. Published by HarperCollins India.The Unlikely Adventures Of The Shergill Sisters by Balli Kaur Jaswal is a novel centred on three sisters who are instructed by their dying mother to go to the Golden Temple to carry out her last rites. Published by HarperCollins India.


‘How Not to be a Man’ by Pankaj Mishra, winner of the 2014 Windham–Campbell Prize for non-fiction. Published by Juggernaut this book talks about the connections between masculinity, young men and the age of anger. Published by Juggernaut. ‘Ultimate Food Rules’ by Rujuta Diwekar, India’s top-selling nutritionist is about her ultimate food rules for a healthier, happier you. Published by Juggernaut.

‘Second Go’ by Radhika Sachdev chronicles the story of the author’s life. A single mom and breadwinner of the family, Sachdev’s life took a turn when she found that she has a tumour in her liver. Then on began her fight with the dreaded C word, which Sachdev has written in minute details. This book is sure to inspire many more suffering the same fate. Published by Fingerprint.

‘Dawood’s Mentor’ by Hussain Zaidi that talks about how dreaded gangster Dawood Ibrahim met his mentor Khalid Khan Bachcha, and how together they crushed every other gang in Mumbai. Published by Penguin Random House.

Flowers on the Path by Sadhguru is a self-help book that gives a probing, passionate and a provocative insight into life. It is a compass which will lead you to that path of peace and enlightenment. Published by Penguin Random HouseAn India Reimagined: Governance and Administration in the world’s largest democracy by M N Buch, known as architect of Bhopal, is a collection of 20 articles. Published by Penguin Random House.

A wide range of topics for you

The range of books vary from religion to serious fictional dramas, from love stories to science fiction and from spirituality to purely academic titles on psychology, economics and computers etc. It seems every author under the sun is publishing a book this year!


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