Parents protest after school stops Tamil literature in Malaysia -

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A Malaysian school has stopped children from taking up Tamil literature as a subject, raking up sharp flak from the Indian parents there, according to media reports.

Indian parents are up in arms after the headmaster of a secondary school in Seremban, who allegedly stopped their children from taking the Tamil literature subject, Malaysia Nanban reported.

Parents of the 18 students at SMK Tunku Ampuan Najihah, who had registered for the subject, claimed their children were called up by a teacher and told to drop the subject.

They vowed to bring the matter up to the Education Department, saying it was unfair to stop the students from learning lite­rature.

Meanwhile, the teacher in charge of Pupil’s Own Language Tamil classes in the school said it had yet to receive the approval letter from the department. This means students taking the Tamil language subject for their exams have not been able to attend classes.

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