Thus Spake

The biggest challenges faced by poetry today is the challenge of freedom. No way of writing is sacrosanct. The challenge lies in remaining true to yourself and create something original, rather than to contrive, a practice that is usually seen in contemporary poems,

When the postcolonial Indian society for decades have crudely practiced  what sociolinguists term as ‘ subtractive bilingualism’- where the acquisition of a second language is at the cost of the first language, (more…)

Bejoy Nambiar

” It was an unforgettable experience sharing the stage with my idol Adoor Gopalakrishnan and film makers I absolutely adore and respect. I really appreciate the opportunity and hope to attend the future editions. Thank you once again. ”

Dr.Ramesh Suryawanshi

“It is the unique example where an organization of some reporters unanimously trying to collect and expos scattered pearls from all over the world. It is the best example to show the world what the positive reporters can decide and do. I did not find such gathering of experts (who are the TOP masters in their field) from various fields.”

Anju Makhija

“The Gatewaylitfest was a unique experience. As an Indo-English writer, I seldom have the opportunity to meet authors from different regions. It was a learning curve from Day One…listening to the sound of unfamiliar languages, interacting with counterparts from all corners of the country and breaking barriers…

Few literary festivals offer this opportunity…and I am delighted to have been part of it! “

Saleel Wagh

It was great experience for a poet like me to address the very sensible and alert audience of Gatewat Litfest 2017. It was nice opportunity to get introduced, meet, interact with other co-poets, writers, readers, critics and literary-lovers across the country. I still remember the lucid and mind-stimulating flow of reason, thoughts and emotions through various sessions, through formal and informal discussions by various speakers, panelists and participants. Another great endorsement for me was that I could meet our most admirable legendary film maker Adoor Goopalkrishan. I deeply appreciate Mohan Kaknandan and his team for such a well-organised and fabulous fest!

Devanshu Narang

” Gateway Litfest does not just provide a forum to writers, poets and authors to express in their language of choice but also enables unheard voices to speak in tandem with the masters of the trade. It does not allow English to masquerade as the language of the intellect but enables creativity to blossom from the heart, for both the native speaker and the listener. I only wish that the rich heritage that our languages bring to our lives reaches out to a larger group with widening of the platform of Gateway Litfest in times to come.”

Sitakant Mahapatra

I recall with great pleasure my participation in the Gateway Litfest. It was enjoyable and gave an opportunity to meet and renew friendship with many writer friends. I am sure for Mumbay’s lovers of literature this Lit-fest is a great occasion.

Sashi kumar

‘The vested political and corporate interests don’t want the journalists to  speak truth to power, or any inconvenient truth for that matter. They want journalists to only say what  they like to hear’

Ms Mini Krishnan, OUP

Translations are a shortcut into another world or, you can say, a bridge between two different worlds. Translations connect India and its people

Mr. Gulzar

Even if the universe remains silent, writers will continue to express even if their tongues are cut,

Ms. Kavita Mahajan

The books written by a writer in his/her entire lifetime give you an insight into the writer’s internal thought process