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Jaipur Literature Festival 2019: India’s biggest annual literary event announced

By December 2, 2018No Comments

Source : Knock Sense

One of the largest and greatest Literature festivals of India will soon be back with a bang and we couldn’t be more enthused about it. Jaipur Literature festival will be a four day fest, organised from 24th to 28th January.

In an age when the charm of reading printed books is fading away, Jaipur Literature Festival gives a shot in the arm to the book reading habit and does much to revive a dying hobby.

The Litfest is going to be ‘lit’ and will be a great occasion, to not only get up to speed with latest books and publications but to catch up with the litterati- the authors, publishers, thinkers and speakers.

What makes Jaipur Literature Festival special?

The festival packs a kaleidoscopic adventure complete with literary fantasies, gastronomical trips, some soothing music and a whole lot of culture. The main attractions of the show are book reading sessions, lively discussions by the perceptive authors from India and abroad and a variety of ideas juggling back and forth among the well informed panel of journalists and thinkers. They will surely stimulate the intellectual side of you.


Apart from the literary side, the festival is full of many colloquial, ethnic and international cuisines as well, paired with some great soft and calming music for livening up the spirit of the event. Workshops and interactive events such as blogging competitions and essay writing competitions are also organised, so if you’re a budding writer, it is time to put away the writers’ block and put on your thinking caps.

Past Highlights

Jaipur Literature Fest has been graced by renowned authors, journalists and cultural commentators in the past. Some of these include poet and illustrator Rupi Kaur, investigative reporter Michael Rezendes, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, playwright Tom Stoppard just to name a few. Even the well known and appreciated musician Zakir Hussain made an appearance at the event. This year too, there will be over 60 speakers.


As is the case now, there have been cultural events highlighting the heritage of not only Jaipur but India as a whole. It serves a platter of India’s rich past and vibrant future. Though the event is termed as Jaipur Literature Festival, it is also replicated in other cities across the globe such as Adelaide, New York and a few others under the same name- Jaipur Literature Festival.

Jaipur Literature Festival is one that transcends the bounds of what a conventional literature festival is. It packs in a lot more in its spirit- the culture, food, music and heritage of India.

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