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BENGALURU: Literature could be instrumental in bringing harmony among various languages in India, said President Pranab Mukherjee in Bengaluru on Sunday.

He was speaking after inaugurating the 89th annual conference of Nikhil Bharat Banga Sahitya Sammelan. The three-day Bengali literary conference is being held at ITI Vidyamandir in Doorvaninagar.

“All languages and religions meet at a common goal like rivers meeting the ocean. Literature enables interaction among languages leading to integration,” he said.

Chief minister Siddaramaiah said Bengaluru is hosting a Bengali literary conference for the fourth time. “I’m delighted that the conference is being held in Bengaluru which is known for its vibrant, harmonious and all-inclusive ethos,” he said.

Nikhil Bharat Banga Sahitya Sammelan, initially known as Prabasi Banga Sahitya Sammelan, was founded by Rabindranath Tagore in 1922. The annual sessions are being held since 1923 when the first conference was held in Varanasi. Delegates from across the country are taking part in the 89th conference being attended by Bengali writers and luminaries. On Monday, a three-language interactive session will be held in Kannada, Bengali, and Hindi. Kannada writers Chandrashekhara Kambara, Vivek Shanbhag and Pratibha Nandakumar will participate.

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