Mohan KakanadanMohan Kakanadan

Editor, CRISIL Ltd, a Standard and Poor’s Company. Worked with many newspapers including The Peninsula Daily in Doha, the BridgeNews, The Observer of Business and Politics, The Free Press Journal and the Economic and Political Weekly. He also edits a Malayalam literary magazine, Kaakka from Mumbai.


Sabarinath MSabarinath M

A well-known business journalist in Mumbai with over 23 years of experience, Sabari till recently worked with Economic Times as Senior Editor. He worked with Hindustan Times, Free Press Journal, the Financial Express and Observer of Business and Politics. Apart from writing on big conglomerates and breaking big news for long, he is credited to have brought out fascinating stories of people like Kishore Biyani first time in the media. He also served as a member of the AICTE Panel to formulate the syllabus for the MBA Programme in mass media.